Bubble Ground

‧Indoor Space: With a tipsy pink color tone mixed with interesting imagination, five bubble-theme areas have been extended to allow guests to experience an illusion scenery of bubbles flying all over.

1. Floating Bubbles
With a dark black wall decorated with white bubbles flowing overhead across the whole area, people can’t help but look up and reach out their hands trying to catch this illusionary moment.
2. Infinite Bubbles
A 360-degree mirror space works together with randomly located big and small round dots to create a never-ending extension of visual effect of millions of selves and moving round dots. It’s like being in an infinite universe full of various possibilities.
3. Twist & Turn Bubbles
With a magnificent wall made of pink balls, we explore innovation by revolving balls and creating words or patterns to build an exclusive bubble wall.
4. Flowing Bubbles
With various forms of bubbles spreading, dancing and cascading throughout this space, we present flying bubbles and sense of freedom through the window.
5. Pink Bubbles
Painted by renowned “Blue Tunnel” landscape painting artist, it offers different landscape sceneries when viewed from far away, in near distance, in a standing or a sitting position. With visual allesthesia, we built the most adorable 360-degree pink bubble space.

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