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State Highway No. 1
Get onto State Highway No. 3 for "Chunan/Taichung" through the Hsinchu system interchange at the (Zhongshan Highway) southbound 99 km mark (northbound 100 km). Drive to the 103 km mark of State Highway No. 3 and get off at Hsinchu interchange "Jiadong Exit" for Hsinchu. Go straight after getting off the highway. At the first traffic light, turn right on Chaichiao Road. Then follow the "Ching Tsao Lake" or "Lakeshore Hotel" signs for about 5 more minutes. Drive on to Minghu Road then turn right at FamilyMart.


State Highway One
(Zhongshan high) at 99 kilometers south (100 km at the north), Hsinchu System Interchange adapter to "Chunan / Taichung" direction National Highway No. 3, III 103 kilometers to the next State Road Hsinchu Interchange "bischofia javanica export" to Hsinchu direction. After the plane straight road at interchange to the first traffic light, turn right to Chaiqiao road, follow "Qingcaohu" or "Lakeshore Hotel" indicators along for about five minutes, then Ming Wu to Family Mart convenience store, turn right away.

Public Transport

Arrive at the Hsinchu THSR Station, transfer to Hsinchu Train Station via Taiwan Railway. Take a taxi to Lakeshore Hotel.